About Us

Our Founder's Story

Skincare fanatic and makeup enthusiast, from a young age I was always hyper aware of the way I looked. Especially being an acne sufferer, I had a large skincare collection. I eventually went on to become a licensed esthetician and graduated from the Aveda Institute. Aveda's mission is to care for the world we live in and strived to set an example for environmental leadership. This influenced me deeply and I wondered what I could do one day to make a difference too. I even participated in the Aveda Catwalk for Water Fashion Show that required us to make fashion outfits out of recycled materials! 

Fast forward years later to now. Businesses, and especially small businesses have the ability to change and shift our world. I believe that as a small business owner that it's my responsibility to do my best to be part of the solution and not the problem. So I wanted to start my own business and create a collection of products that I believed in as an esthetician and are also friendly to our earth. I began a search to find beauty products that I could retail. While on this journey I found that there was a large issue with non-sustainable production of beauty products. I began to learn more about the complicated and nuanced topics of environmental issues. With this new information I was learning, I began diving deep and learned as much as a newbie could.

And boom. Ukiyo Sol was born from that love of beauty and love of our earth.

I'm still learning and finding ways that I can be more environmentally and socially conscious with my business. I acknowledge that my business is not perfect, but really whose is? Whether personally or in a business setting. Instead, I think that progress creates real change in the long run. Everyday is a new day to make new decisions to affect our future. 

High Quality Products

We ensure to provide the best quality through the brands we have affiliated with in order to truly deliver our message of sustainability and being eco-friendly. 

Reduce where you can first, reuse what you have second, and recycle as a last resort!