Virgo Rising

Rising signs tell you how you present yourself from others and how other people see you. People may think that you’re cold when they first see you. But we know that you’re just shy and don’t want to come off as abrasive. Usually, you like to have a clean and neat look. Sticking to more neutral tones and simple attire. People think of you as trustworthy and sincere, they’re right! You don’t like to waste the day so you’re very productive with your time. Sometimes you become worried or anxious when you run into new situations but just remember you’re more than capable of handling them. You can be quite self-critical and doubt decision you make but you must learn to trust yourself more. You understand the whole and know how each piece fits together. Sodalite will give you inner peace and logic. Virgo rising, when you’re feeling anxious hold onto sodalite to bring mental clarity and calmness.