Throat Chakra

i. The chakra system. The word “chakra” (or cakra) comes from Sanskrit meaning “wheel”. There are actually multiple chakra systems that exist but here we’ll talk about the most well-known one, the 7-Chakra System. Chakras aren’t organs or a tangible thing you can see or touch. Rather, they’re and energy center that exists within the body. In today’s post we’ll be going over vishuddha is the throat chakra’s Sanskrit name meaning “purification”. The throat chakra is represented by the element of space (ether) and the color of the sky. Vishuddha is the bridge to the higher chakras. This chakra is where we make our decisions, communicate our thoughts, and express ourselves through sound.

People who are more in tune with vishuddha are effective communicators. They know how to keep conversations flowing and moving. They get their point across clearly. Communicating is their thing! Whether it be making beats or giving a lecture in biology, they always have a message to share. If you’re feeling shy or telling a lie, your vishuddha could be unbalanced. Speaking an affirmation/mantra aloud would activate your throat chakra. Other practices include stimulating the vocal chords so that you’re not always keeping your voice locked up. Gossiping and arrogance are sign of an overactive vishuddha. Learn to be still and introspect. When your best friend calls, actively listen to him/her speak. Write in your journal tonight instead of spilling the tea. Sit with your thoughts and emotions and feel it. Hold sodalite in your hands and meditate. Being able to listen with intention and speak with conviction show that you vishuddha is in balance. Our throat chakra is an important tool if we want to share our unique gifts to the world. Keep speaking your truth.