Third Eye Chakra

The chakra system. The word “chakra” (or cakra) comes from Sanskrit meaning “wheel”. There are actually multiple chakra systems that exist but here we’ll talk about the most well-known one, the 7-Chakra System. Chakras aren’t organs or a tangible thing you can see or touch. Rather, they’re and energy center that exists within the body. We’ll be going over the third chakra, ajna. This is when you enter higher states of consciousness and see with a fresh eye.Illusions no longer trick you because you see through them clearly. Ajna should only be opened when you’re prepared to see life outside the matrix. Someone who’s more connected to their ajna will find their purpose by guiding the collective. They think long-term and consider all possibilities. Visual learning is the most effective way for them to process information, naturally.They see the big-picture and find ways to help humanity move forward.

If you’re finding it difficult to plan your long-term goals your third eye chakra could be blocked. Other signs of a blocked ajna include: getting tricked easily, chaotic lifestyle, codependency, writing down your dreans is a good way to exercise your third eye chakra. Meditation is a powerful tool for opening your third eye. Have you had nightmares lately? Your third eye chakra may be overactive. Have you had nightmares lately? Your third eye chakra may be overactive. Hallucinating, fantasizing, and trouble focusing are other signs that indicate excess ajna energy.

The best way to balance it is to turn off ALL your electronic devices! Phone, laptop, and TV. Overusing your phone can disconnect you from the world and create escapism. I’m always on my phone or laptop answering emails and researching topics. We use our devices for work! So how can I just turn it all off? An-and- stop. Breathe in. Breathe out. Open your planner or calendar and block 1-2 hour(s) once a week to be free of your devices. Disconnect from the virtual world and connect to reality instead. This can be difficult at first but soon the fog in your mind will dissipate. If you already do something like this, try doing it every day and continue challenging yourself to see how little you need to use your device. Express your emotions through creating art or music. When you feel more balance, you’ll have a stronger intuition and a curious imagination. These days it’s getting more difficult to see through facades. Ajña is the red pill.