Scorpio Sun

Scorpios. What a mystery they are. We’re going to uncover some of the secrets that they hide. Beneath their cool and elusive exterior, lies a passionate and strong individual. In Tarot, Scorpio is symbolized by the Death card. The Death card sounds pretty ominous but it’s actually a positive card. It usually means that there will be a “death” of an old chapter and new beginnings await. In astrology, Scorpio is where the personality “dies” in order for the soul to evolve. Pretty deep right?

It gets even deeper and layered now. Scorpio is the only zodiac sign that has a “three-fold personality” and symbolized by 3 animal totems. Each symbol representing the soul’s stages of evolution. The first symbol is the scorpion. It’s the lowest form that a scorpio can be. When a scorpio is in it’s scorpion phase they can be self-destructive and intimidating. The scorpion represents the “dark emotions and primal instincts”. The next form is represented by the eagle. This is when scorpio is transforming as a soul and moving away from its aggressive attitude. Scorpios in the eagle phase start getting more interested in philosophy and get in touch with its spiritual nature. The final form of Scorpio is the phoenix. This is where Scorpio is reborn and fully transformed. They aren’t as judgemental and controlling like they were in the scorpion phase. The phoenix finds its purpose in others and is fulfilled by serving the greater good. In general, scorpios can be pretty sarcastic. Some of them have a judgey attitude and an intense personality that can push others away. Even the people close to them get tired of their pessimistic responses and criticism. Scorpios are pretty aware of this and it’ll take special people to handle them. Because of this, they tend to ride solo.

Lone-wolf is a fitting title for them. Smoky quartz is an excellent crystal for scorpio. It can transmute negative energy into positive. Smoky quartz shows you your own inner strength so that you can gain more control of your life. Scorpio is a complex and layered sign that is as deep as the ocean. So expect them to keep a close guard on their hearts. They’re powerful souls that have the ability to make a difference in the world. When they use their power to help others, they’ll find their purpose in life. They have the energy and drive to keep moving forward no matter what. When they love, they love hard and don’t let go easily. If you’re able to captivate scorpio, don’t take their love for granted. We’ll never truly know what goes on in a scorpio’s mind or heart but if you’re able to unlock that part of them, consider yourself to be special.