Libra Moon ?

i. The moon itself represents secrets and the hidden. So, our moon sign represents our emotional selves and our feminine side. It’s who we are when we’re alone and only people that you’re close to will get to see this intimate side of you. Those with a moon in Libra are chill and good-hearted. Libra moons seize opportunities that come to them and live for the moment. Give them a beautiful painting or cook them dinner and they’ll swoon. Flattery can easily blind them so they have to learn to not fall for only beautiful words and gestures. Flirting is their game and people respond well to it. But they need to learn their self-worth from within and not from others. To not rely on compliments to boost their self-esteem.

The crystal rhodochrosite can help Libra moons by encouraging them to stop seeking value from external sources. Behind Libra moon’s sweet attitude is a masculine energy that drives this sign. Their minds are contemplative, and they know what they want. They know what it takes to execute their plans but they can be hesitant on acting them out. Libra moons are loving creatures who just want to love others and be loved. But they can let go if necessary so don’t take them for granted. Don’t underestimate those with a Libra moon, their big heart is their strongest asset.