Libra Midheaven

Our midheaven relates to our careers, reputation, and aspirations in life. This is the side of you that you present to the public. Someone with a midheaven in Libra will be in a career where they can be part of a team. They aren’t driven by ambition but instead the goal to create peace and restore balance in their communities. Being famous or recognized isn’t one of their priorities. But somehow fame comes to them anyways. They have such a charming sparkle to them that people are drawn to. Carnelian is a vibrant crystal that’ll encourage a Libra midheaven to share their light with others. You can find these individuals in careers like law, politics, blogging, interior decorator, or the arts. Though they aren’t obsessed with getting famous, they’re still aware of their social status. They want to be loved by the people around them and people do. Having a libra midheaven person in you work life is a blessing and if you have one then keep blessing those around you.