How to take a Ritual Bath

Baths are more than just a way to unwind. They can also cleanse your aura and energize your spirit. Taking baths can be a spiritual experience to reconnect with yourself. If you’re constantly working with or on others, you’ll pick up their energies. Especially if you’ve crossed paths with negative people or had a crappy week, baths will purify your auric field. When you feel your spirit is being weighed down, it’s time to take a spiritual bath. There are not too many rules when it comes to taking one. The most important rule is that you do what feels right to you. Spiritual practices are intimate and personal to you and should be based on your own intuition. These are only suggestions to help you create one to get started. Ritual baths are meant to cleanse your spirit and not your physical body necessarily. So, make sure that you shower and wash your hair (if needed) beforehand.

Step 1: The first thing to do before taking your bath is to clean the tub! Scrub that baby to pristine with your best tub cleaner (preferably a non-toxic one). After cleaning it you’ll want to do a second scrub with a mixture of salt and water. Saltwater will purify the energy of the tub and help create the highest vibration possible. Rinse that bad boy and you’ll be ready for the next step.

Step 2: Creating the ambiance. Setting the mood will help you relax and let go easier. Playing soft music, binaural beats, or sound baths are perfect.

Step 3: Setting an intention. Your intention could be anything from healing from heartbreak to energizing your soul to just a regular energy cleanse. Using crystals can be a great way to amplify that intention and be a physical representation of it too. Especially if you use a crystal grid, the power can increase significantly. Crystals like rose quartz and rainbow obsidian can be used for healing your heart. Carnelian and citrine are useful for balancing lower chakras and increasing motivation. Black kyanite can sweep away those bad vibes that’s been following you around this week. There are so many crystal combinations that you can use!

Step 4: Begin drawing your bath. While the hot or warm water is running, throw in some Himalayan salt or Epsom salt to energetically cleanse your aura (plus it’s great for sore muscles!). You could also use bath teas that have herbs that complement your intentions.

Step 5: Light some candles and get in! Breathe in deeply and exhale loudly. Now you can say prayers or affirmations. This is your time to reconnect with your soul. Make up your own affirmations or use the following: “I cleanse my spirit of any negative and stagnant energy that may be held within me” or “my mind, body, and spirit will be cleansed of thoughts and energies that no longer serve me”. You can say anything that flows through you in this moment.

When you’re finished with your bath, drain the water but stay in it until it finishes draining. Imagine all your worries and the negative energy leaving with the water down the drain.

Rinse yourself off with clean water and you’re all finished! Hopefully you’ll feel a sense of relief and feel a weight being lifted! Some extra elements that you can add to your bath include: rose water, rose petals, flowers, Florida water, and anything else bath related. Make this your own spiritual practice!