Heart Chakra

i. The chakra system. The word “chakra” (or cakra) comes from Sanskrit meaning “wheel”. There are actually multiple chakra systems that exist but here we’ll talk about the most well-known one, the 7-Chakra System. Chakras aren’t organs or a tangible thing you can see or touch. Rather, they’re and energy center that exists within the body. In today’s post, we’ll be going over the heart chakra.

The Sanskrit name is anahata meaning “unstruck” or “unhurt”. It’s located in the chest and is considered to be the “gate” to the higher chakras with the throat chakra being the bridge. Your heart chakra is all about love and not just any love but unconditional love. This is where you begin learning how to balance your needs and others’. Being bitter and a hater is the total opposite of the meaning of the heart. When you see that girl or guy on social media that’s living a life that you want and you start getting jealous or judgey, step back from the moment. Ask yourself, am I self-projecting or is what I’m saying the truth? Then, use the following affirmation (or make your own up): “I accept myself and others as is”. Jealousy comes from a place of insecurity and self-loathing. Envy and egotistical behavior is a sign of an overactive heart chakra. You can calm it by getting or giving yourself a soothing massage. Make up your own heart chakra massage oil mix or mix up almond and rose oil together. You could even use a rose quartz gua sha or facial roller tool. Drinking teas with herbs like rose petal, jasmine, and/or chamomile can be refreshing way to connect to your heart after a long day.

People who are more in touch with their anahata value their relationships and unconditional love. They find purpose by healing and helping others along their journey. Someone that’s experiencing an under-active anahata will lack empathy, withdraw from others, and feel lonely. If you’re feeling like you’re lacking some love right now there’s a few practices you could do. -Watch a romantic comedy/comedy -play with your pets -yoga moves that involve you opening your chest like backbend or cobra -dancing with your friends or partner (tango or ballroom) -if you want to be alone try this exercise. Put on your favorite playlist and just. DANCE. Twirl around in circles and include any moves that involve opening your chest. Have fun and go crazy! When your heart chakra is balanced, you’ll feel more friendly and compassionate. Accept yourself for who you are and don’t apologize! Keep your mind and heart open!