Virgo Sun

Virgo season has now started and you may feel it’s gentle yet rigid energy. People whose sun is in virgo, are patient and systematic. Our sun sign is our inner self and ego. Whatever sign your sun is in, it’ll reflect what that sign is and will show you what it is that motivate you towards your success. It is you at your innermost core. Virgos are pretty much like human excel sheets. They know how to create routines that work and stick to them. Without routines they’ll quickly fall into a spiral. They have a tendency to be worry worts and see things through to completion. Virgos work hard and get sh*t done! Minor setbacks don’t discourage them, in fact it propels them to push themselves more. Patience is something they’re always working on which is why they’re so forgiving. Sometimes they’re a little too modest and they have to overcome that eventually. If they do, they’ll be able to articulate their ideas better to others. Virgos’ homes usually organized and tidy. Having a messy home will only give them stress. Their homes are extremely important to them and are a direct reflection of who they are. Virgos should place black tourmaline at the entryway of their home or bedroom. This will help protect them from negative energy from following them in. Virgos are usually in contact with many people on daily basis and those energies can latch onto them. Black tourmaline will guard virgos from bad vibes so they can keep on contributing to society without the heavy feelings weighing them.