Red Jasper

Another day has passed, and you still haven’t gotten to that thing you said you would do…for the third day in a row! This probably isn’t the first time you’ve done this. Whether it’s a paper that’s due or that project you were assigned to at work, you always end up waiting until the last couple of days to start on it. If this is habit you want to break, then red jasper is going to support you. Jasper comes in other colors, but we’ll go over specifically red colored jaspers. Its red color signifies the urgency to take action. Red jasper will help you beat procrastination and keep you focused on the task at hand.

Red jasper is also called “the stone of endurance”. It’s associated with the root chakra since it’ll ground you back to reality when your head is in the clouds. When life gets dull and you begin to feel numb, it’ll light that fire within you again. When your mind begins wandering. Hold red jasper in your hand to bring you back to earth. As you tackle on an upcoming project, meditate with it to increase your confidence knowing that you’ll do an amazing job so take action now! No matter if it’s focus or courage that you need, red jasper is here to help!