The heart and third eye chakra.

Fluorite comes in different colors but the one we’ll be touching on is the green and purple (AKA rainbow fluorite). For your heart chakra, it’s a great tool to unblock AND re-balance it. When you’re feeling down rainbow fluorite will uplift your spirit and bring peace. It can remove and absorb negative energies that may be in your home or office. Keeping rainbow fluorite in those spaces will brighten up the energy and restore balance.

Let’s not forget how it helps your third eye chakra. You can use it to unblock and activate this chakra so that you’re open to receiving new ideas and dreams. If you work a job where you’re constantly under pressure or are a student, rainbow fluorite will calm your nerves. Sometimes we can get so stuck on the details that we forget to look at the big picture. Fluorite will remind you to do just that. Whether you’re a student or scientist, this crystal will work wonderfully for you. When you’re finding it difficult to concentrate, keep fluorite at your desk to keep you focused. Fluorite will help you make difficult decisions and promote independent thinking. There’s so many uses for this magical stone that it’s a MUST HAVE in your crystal cabinet.